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    Dedication: to my mother. Where do murderers go, man! Who's to doom when the judge himself is dragged to the bar? MOBY DICK. The Night of the Hunter. 2. The first time I saw Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter was at . The Night of the Hunter is based on a novel by David Grubb and James Agee. The Night of the Hunter. By Peter Rainer. “The A List: The National Society of Film . Critics' Essential Films,” Reprinted by permission of the author.

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    Get Free Read & Download Files Night Of The Hunter Robert Mitchum PDF. NIGHT OF THE HUNTER ROBERT MITCHUM. Download: Night Of The Hunter. 29 Introduction Davis Grubb's novel The Night of the Hunter was an instant bestseller when it was released in It was no surprise, then, that Hollywood . Dear every screenwriter/filmmaker, read James Agee's screenplay for The Night of the Hunter [PDF]. (NOTE: For educational and research purposes only).

    Shelves: classics-shelf , southern-lit , favorites , southern-gothic , horror-creepy "The faces ran together like the years; like the long rides in the yellow-lit railroad coaches through the clicking river midnights as he wandered from town to town. Another one, Lord? All right, Lord! The fact is, a realistic tale such as this gives me more nightmares than a traditional ghost story, despite the thrills those still stir up. At ten years old, John is weighed down with a hefty and dangerous burden. The entire town muses over the location of the stolen money — after all, money like this could come in very handy during these lean times. He shows up in town just when Willa Harper is at her most vulnerable, and when the townspeople are in need of hope and the promise of salvation. Naturally, with his Bible in hand and the word of God pouring forth from his lips, Preacher is welcomed by the community with open arms. John seems to be alone in his instant dislike… rather in his extreme loathing and fear… of the Preacher. If he is evil personified, then widow Rachel Cooper is an angel in disguise. I will say, however, that this lady rocks!

    They take flight, hopping on a small boat that takes them up river.

    The preacher grimly and single-mindedly follows them: he knows they know where the money is. Still, this plot outline does little to convey the uniqueness of Night of the Hunter.

    And the expressionism of Night of the Hunter heightens its sense of dread. It is based on a novel by Davis Grubb, whose mother, a former social worker, had witnessed Depression-era hardship and the vulnerability of children in those times.

    The Night of the Hunter

    Still, subsequent research suggests that Agee substantially wrote the script, though Laughton may have had some input. Also, Mitchum and Laughton reportedly fell out during shooting; this was not a happy production.

    Still, it was a fruitful one with memorable results. Cortez later stated that, apart from The Magnificent Ambersons , this film was his most exciting experience in Hollywood, at the same time giving a huge compliment to the director, saying Laughton and Welles were the only directors he ever worked with that really understood the power and subtleties of light and its usage in film.

    A monumentally important screenplay. NOTE: For educational and research purposes only. Absolutely our highest recommendation.

    ‘The Night of the Hunter’: The Extraordinary Single Directorial Entry in Charles Laughton’s Career

    At the time of its original release, however, it was a critical and box-office failure, and Laughton never directed again. I understand Mr.

    Kubrick is saying that Barry Lyndon is the first feature to shoot scenes with nothing but the light from some candles, but actually our scene with just one candle was the first. However, with the end of the Second World War came a new hope and a bright future for the American people.

    The Night of the Hunter by Davis Grubb

    They were able to have fulfilling lives without worrying about an impending threat looming constantly over their heads. So they turned to the cinema for something else.

    Their escape now was not in happy stories, but in dark stories that transcended their happy reality. Enter the film noir.

    These films are filled with seedy characters, painful situations and tragedy by the truckload.