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  1. Eight PMP® Exam Prep Books You Need to Know About
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  3. Eight PMP® Exam Prep Books You Need to Know About
  4. PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide, 5th Edition

The PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition and Agile Practice Guide were created to complement each other. Together these two publications are a powerful tool that . Every PMI member download of the PMBOK® Guide–Fifth Edition comes with a print technology designed to prevent unauthorized reproductions of this book. PMP Exam Prep, Fifth Edition: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam [Rita Mulcahy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Can you.

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Pmp Book Fifth Edition

Joseph Phillips, PMP, PMI-ACP, CompTIA Project+, CompTIA CTT+, is a leading project management consultant and educator. He is the author of several books. PMP book or PMBOK is the textbook of PMP exam and is published by Whereas PMP exam will be changed from fifth edition to sixth in the. You can appear for PMBOK 5th edition till Mar 26, around 5 Earlier the better as the PMP credentials matter more than the book edition.

Shop now. And why not? You have experience as a project manager, you know how to lead projects, and you've known plenty of project managers who just suck at what they do. Good deal. It's a tough read, but an excellent resource for referencing specific information.

As a contemporary project manager, it is not enough if you have technical skills. The dynamically changing project environment and the evolving trends in the industry necessitate the project manager to have additional skills. What are the skills needed?

Eight PMP® Exam Prep Books You Need to Know About

You need to understand the business alignment and fitment of the project. What does it involve? With the changes in PMBOK 6th edition, you need to understand skills that help you analyze competition, market, know the legal implications, business models, etc.

Leadership skills include emotional intelligence, problem solving, team building and influencing which give you the needed competency to motivate your team.

In addition to this, you would need to know the performance management, earned value management, governance, life cycle management, etc. As you have seen, number did not change but names of two knowledge areas changed to better align with project needs. These are: Key concepts Tailoring considerations: Earlier edition had a mention on need for tailoring but nothing specific was mentioned.

PMBOK 6th edition has more detailed guidelines on these and an appendix added that discusses the tailoring considerations. Using these tailoring guidelines, you know which processes to put more focus on that depend on the size of the project you are working on and of course the scope of work!

Marketplace | Project Management Institute

What are the developments and New practices being used in project management is also discussed Focus on Agile and adaptive methodology: keeping with the changing trend in various industries, PMBOK 6th edition has included what a project using agile or adaptive methodology may use Why Name Change in PMBOK 6th Edition? Definitely, this is a logical change that was needed, since many project managers have felt this need for a long time. Why only people when we need to also manage other materials, equipment, machines, etc.?

Because, project management disciplien does not cover human resources alone. It covers other types of resources as well.

Eight PMP® Exam Prep Books You Need to Know About

Physical resources materials, equipment, licenses …etc are also part of project management and their management is essential for success. Often, equipment and tools are shared resources and planning their availability and managing them is a critical aspect for successful project completion. Therefore, this Resource Management knowledge area now includes human resources and other resources too. Time Management Time Management knowledge area is renamed as Schedule Management knowledge area to emphasize the importance of scheduling in project management.

These practice standards detail how you can use the tools, techniques and processes given in the foundation standards.

PMBOK 6th edition is a foundation standard. Therefore, it makes sense to bring the Time Management in line with the Practice Standard for scheduling.

Total Number of processes increased from 47 to But, there were both additions and deletions. Then, how did the final count go up?

Close procurement in Procurement Knowledge area has been removed as a process and the content of this process clubbed with control procurement and close project. Close procurement was dealing with the closure of contracts of vendors which was generally not performed by project managers in most organizations.

Hence, PMI implementing Kaizen and feedback into its processes has modified to reflect the reality. Manage Project Knowledge in PMBOK 6th edition: This is the new process added to Integration knowledge area under execution process group and the total count in integration becomes 7.

Execution in Integration is where the deliverables are being created. This is where there is a need for decision making. Keeping with the current trends, knowledge is power which will help project manager use the data crunching technologies and make informed decisions. Though the implementation was part of the execution process of integration, the need for explicit implementation was realized in the PMBOK 6th edition.

PMI survey also stated that many project failures are due to improper risk management. Hence, this implement risk response in execution is a needed addition in the risk management knowledge area. Control Resources in PMBOK 6th edition This is the new process which is for monitoring and controlling the different resources that are there in the project. Hence, keeping track of the various resources and their utilization becomes imperative. Why have these done? If you look at the changes that have been happening in the PMBOK over the years, one major reason is to bring uniformity while another is bridging the gaps that were there.

These changes to the process names in PMBOK 6th edition reflect the reality in terms of what happens there. If downloading, use caution to assure that you get the eighth edition. This book has a novel, highly graphic, conversational and understandable approach to the subject matter. This is not an expensive book considering the number of questions. While opinions differ, on balance readers appreciate this book for its exam questions.

PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide, 5th Edition

Two long-time and revered trainers and authors team up for this very pricey and very well-received work that unfortunately is geared to the Fourth Edition of the PMBOK Guide. Also, keep your eyes open for other audio-based materials. This book is well received.

One particularly valuable aspect is the fact that the exam questions rate your answers for accuracy by Knowledge Areas and Process Groups. This capability is valuable for anyone preparing for the exam, but indispensable as a practical matter for those who are preparing to retake it. With over questions, this book is a good resource. Although the editing could be better, the questions are realistic relative to the actual examination.

Rather than a complete four-hour test, it includes mini-exams focused on particular areas, giving you immediate gauges of your areas of weakness. You are here:

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